By: Bethany - Posted on: 04/11/2010

5 Reasons Why It Would Be Awesome to Date Betty White

Betty White has stolen the hearts of society. Nobody can deny the fact that they wish she was their grandma, but did you think about how much more fun it would be to date her? Now, give it a chance, let’s delve in to a world of You + Betty = Love!

1. She’s hilarious.

You could be having the absolute worst day in the world. A flat tire, a ripped shirt, anything that the universe could bring to just absolutely rain on your parade. But you go home to Betty and she’s already thinking of ways to turn that frown upside down! Which brings us to…

2. She’s considerate.

Everybody appreciates fresh baked cookies, pressed linens and folded laundry, and you KNOW Betty would have that done every day, and make an awesome dinner in between being the sweetheart of America.

3. She knows A LOT of people.

Who wouldn’t appreciate being introduced to A-list celebrities at parties and mingling with them while you sip coctails and have Betty on your arm? She could get you to the point where you’re golfing with Brad Pitt on Wednesday morning and you’re not even giving it a second thought.

4. She’s rich.

Not that anyone would ever think of taking advantage of dear Betty, but the fact that she’s a household name definitly isn’t hurting her bank account. And of course she would want to share the benefits with you.

5. She’s versatile.

Even though Betty is up there in years, she can get down with the young generation as well, just take a look at her moves in The Proposal! She’s definetly young at heart which could mean a lot of fun in a relationship. And she’s got decades of partying under her belt, so maybe she could show you a thing or two?

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