By: Kenny - Posted on: 21/09/2010

7 Funniest Condom Commercials From Around The World

Lets be honest, condoms are funny.  Every single thing about them.  From their weird smell and texture to the awkward scenarios that involve them.  Think of the time you first came across a condom.  If you’re a girl you went through the scary thought of, “This has to go inside me?!” and if you’re a boy you dealt with the puzzling notion of, “I’m suppose to put this thing on?!”.  They come in weird shapes, textures, tastes, and smells.  Everyone has a “condom story” just like everyone has a first kiss story.  Considering all of the above, it was only proper for condom companies to make some pretty funny commercials to help get you to wear one.  Thus, the 7 funniest condom commercials from around the world…

#7 – Single Dad’s Must Practice Safe Sex Too…

With the divorce rate looking like an erection on a line chart, you better believe that condoms are just as important for people over the age of 30 as they are for people under the age of 30.  Not to mention, there’s a skyrocketing number of STD’s being spread amongst senior citizens in nursing homes (no joke)!

#6 – Glow In The Dark Condoms

What could be the best possible use of a glow in the dark condom?  How about using it to find your way through a dark forest and lead you to the holy grail of them all…two sexy girls camping out in a small tent by themselves.

#5 – Condom Balloons…Getting-It-On!

Honestly, who doesn’t like balloon animals?  They’re just so cute!  Well let’s one up you.  How about condom animals…having a 3-some? Ya that’s what I thought.

#4 – Dirty Bathroom Wall Art Comes Alive

Toy Story was no doubt a great movie.  All the little toys coming alive when nobody’s around.  Well just imagine Toy Story meets the dirty wall art in your favorite public bathroom.  Now that would be one hell of a movie.

#3 – Mommy Said I Could!

When you’re just a little nugget and you get the response, “Yes!” from your Mommy, then you pretty much know you can do it.  A Mommy’s “yes” or “no” is more powerful then any law at that age.  Unfortunately if Mommy is screaming “YES!” from her bedroom, she probably isn’t directing it to your question.

#2 – The Runaway Penis

What could be worse than getting ready to have sex with a gorgeous girl, only to realize that your penis has runaway?


Genius! Pure Genius!

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