By: Leftos - Posted on: 03/11/2010

Interesting Facts About ‘The Air Sex Championships’…And More!

Interesting Facts about the Air Sex Championship[TheSmokingJacket]

9 Situations Where you HAVE to Cheat[COED magazine]

The 100 Manliest Mustaches in Sports History[BroBible]

20 Politicians Grabbing Imaginary Boobs[Manofest]

Vampire and Sex Offender Not A Good Combination[UnCoached]

Original Wedding Idea: Wedding Wish Tree[]

Looks Like You Do Care About Your Weight: Four Hypocrites of Weight Loss[EgoTV]

14 of the Most Likable Anti-Heroes[PopCrunch]

That’s What She Said: 4 Pickup Artist Moves to Ditch ASAP [CraveOnline]

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