By: Danielle - Posted on: 18/08/2010

Leftos Guide: Making Love vs. Having Sex

“Don’t call it sex babe, we were making love”. I’m sure all of us have heard some form of this at least once in our lives, and  each time we’ve thought “What’s the difference?

Well there’s definitely a difference! There’s no doubt about that. But what exactly is it?  Where do you draw the line between sex and making love?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your last encounter was more suited for a Meg Ryan heart filled love movie or for a skinemax midnight showing.  So we’ve decided to help you out and decipher the differences between a night of making love and a night of having sex…

Making love is… looking deep into each others eyes during the act.
Having sex is… watching the television in the background

Making love is… making out passionately while doing the deed.
Having sex is… biting each others lips until blood is drawn.

Making love is… ensuring that both parties are enjoying the ride.
Having sex is… imitating a jack-rabbit until you “go”.

Making love is… whispering your deepest emotions in each others ears.
Having sex is… screaming out profanities so loud the neighbors can hear.

Making love is… doing it on a beach.
Having sex is… doing it in a bathroom stall.

Making love is…listening to Usher during your romp session.
Having sex is… listening to Ludacris and screaming the lyrics “I wanna li-li-li-lick from ya head to your toes”.

Making love is… thinking there is no one else you’d rather be with right now.
Having sex is… pretending Megan Fox or Channing Tatum is the one on top of you.

Making love is… lighting candles to set the mood.
Having sex is… turning the lights off to hide the other person’s face.

Making love is.. saying “I love you” (and meaning it) after you finish.
Having sex is… saying “What was your name again?”

Making love isspooning after you’re done.
Having sex is… rolling over and finding your car keys as quick as possible.

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  • Humphrey Roydon

    I agree with your points, in fact making love is nowadays available in lusty love as well.

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