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By: Kenny - Posted on: 19/11/2010

The Simplicity of Elementary School Love

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By: Kenny - Posted on: 18/11/2010

Dos and Don’ts of Facebook: Creeper Edition

So, not many of us would contest to the generalized assumption that when we have free time, we are constantly checking our favorite social network, Facebook! It’s a great way to find out what long lost friends are doing, what current friends are up to, or most importantly, what the person you’ve been crushing on is doing.  Or maybe you’ve gone off the deep end, constantly refreshing your newsfeed to find out what is going on so much your computer freezes! Well look no further, you don’t need to go to that addiction counselor for your social network obsession (even though it’s oh-so trendy these days), just keep these dos and don’ts in mind when logging on to your  oh so precious Facebook account.

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By: Bethany - Posted on: 18/11/2010

South Africa’s New Rape Defense System: Ouch!!

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By: Dana - Posted on: 17/11/2010

Dildo’s Are Not Weapons

In another case of weird, somewhat sex related news…Carolee Bildsten of Illinois decided that she just didn’t feel like paying for her meal at Joe’s Crab Shack.  So she skipped on her bill and stuck the poor waitress with the responsibility.  Nothing weird about that, right?  Just another story of a terrible person doing a terrible thing.

Well not quite.  Two weeks later Carolee decided she was craving some of that fine seafood of Joe’s Crab Shack once again.  She decided to go back to the same location, eat up, drink heavily, and skip out on her bill once again.  This time she wasn’t so lucky though.  A local police officer tracked her down and found her laying on the ground in front of the Sixth Flags located near Joe’s Crab Shack.  She claimed she had no money on her to pay the bill but she had money at home.  The officer, who clearly had more patients than the ones I’ve encountered back in my college heydays, offered to drive her back home to get her money and then take her to Joe’s to pay her bill.

Once they got back to Carolee’s house, she told the officer she had the money in her dresser.  However, instead of pulling out a wad of cash, Carolee yanked out, what the officer called a “”clear, rigid feminine pleasure device,” and lunged herself at the officer with the dildo raised above her head like a knife.

No worries though, the officer was able to restrain the drunken 56 year old, bill hopping, dildo fighting woman.

So for all you ladies out there carrying Dildos in your purse for both weapons and pleasure, we warn you that you are not killing two birds with one stone.  Please be sure to add a can of pepper spray as well because…Dildos are NOT weapons!

By: Kenny - Posted on: 16/11/2010

Hidden Porn: City Bridge Edition

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By: Dana - Posted on: 15/11/2010

4 Terrible Ways That Parents Affect Our Dating Lives

We’ve all witnessed that crazy set of parents who would do anything to ruin a current relationship. Some may influence your dating life without realizing it, and some may straight up pull a Meet The Parents on your significant other to see what will happen. Whether you like it or not, your parents have an effect on your relationships…

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By: Stephanie - Posted on: 15/11/2010