Who Knew Super Mario Was So Versed In Relationship Advice

By: Kenny - Posted on: 12/11/2010

It’s Finally Coming (Pun Intended)…Kanye West & Taylor Swift Controversary Porno Spoof

Just as we thought the whole 2009 MTV Music Awards controversy over Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech was past us, we get hit again.

According to Nerve.com and Yahoo! News, Vivid Entertainment (world’s largest porn producer) is planning to create a porno film that shows Kanye and Taylor kissing to make up, which is than followed by a passionate sex scene (yippay!).

Nerve.com has also thought of a perfect title for this flick, “Imma let you finish…on my face”.  We really really hope Vivid takes it into consideration

By: Kenny - Posted on: 12/11/2010

New iPhone App Lets You Test For STDs

If you haven’t heard (or found out on your own), Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) are kind of a big problem in our society.  The most common way people protect themselves from contracting an STD is using a condom, which we highly recommend.  But what if you think you might have one already?  Then a condom or any other type of contraceptive really isn’t going to help.

Most people have to go to the doctor and go through a pretty awkward and sometimes uncomfortable process to find out if they’ve contracted any sort of STD.  It’s not the funnest of doctor office visits and can often be quite stressful.

Well guess what folks? There’s an app for that!! That’s right, some really smart people in the UK have been given a grant to develop chip and app that lets your iPhone let you know if your STD free.  The way it will work is pretty simple.  You pee on a little chip that you then insert into the iPhone.  The app on the iPhone then reads your urine sample and tells you if your as a whistle or dirty as a skunk.

Pretty cool huh?  We won’t be surprised if we see pregnancy tests come to the iPhone one day too!

By: Kenny - Posted on: 11/11/2010

Top 5 Most Uncomfortable Questions Asked On A Date…And How To Answer Them!

It is inevitable that dates are not always going to go movie-style smooth. Slip-ups are bound to happen and you may trip and fall or spill food on your shirt, but there are some questions that drop your jaw permanently and leave you speechless for far too long. Although these questions should NEVER be asked, they have been, and you’d be surprised to find that a lot of people do not know how to answer them. Here’s a list of the top 5 most uncomfortable questions asked while on a date and how you should answer them!

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By: Stephanie - Posted on: 10/11/2010

Now That’s More Like It McDonalds

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By: Dana - Posted on: 10/11/2010

5 Best Places to Have a Quickie

That primal urge that builds up inside a person is almost more than you can handle, thus the practice of “the quickie” has come alive in our culture, and making it easier to satisfy urges that we would normally hold in till it was appropriate. “Quickies” can make a relationship more eventful, and they also make a friends with benefits relationship easier to maintain. Also, who doesn’t love the feeling of knowing you just have to have your partner then and there, no questions asked.  So in honor of the “Quickie”, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best places to have a “Quickie”!

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By: Bethany - Posted on: 09/11/2010

In Other News…Woman Pulls Knife On Men Who Refuse To Perform Oral Sex

It was a fairly pleasant West Virginian night outside the ‘77 Motor Inn’ on October 22nd, 2010.  Nothing out of the ordinary was going on other than the usual Friday night boozing….until Miss Melissa Lee Williams decided to change all of that.

According to TheSmokingGun.com, Williams headed four doors down where her estranged husband lives.  She then knocked on his door and demanded that him and/or his friend “eat my p*ssy”.  As Ms. Williams began to remove her clothing from the waist down, her husband, Danny Williams refused her request (probably knowing something that his friend didn’t), but his friend Adam Watson decided he was down to go downtown.  As Mr. Watson started to approach Ms. Williams’,  he was instantly hit by a foul vaginal odor that was capable of being classified as a weapon of mass destruction.  At that point he realized he was no longer going to uphold his end of the agreement.

Angry from being denied by both men, Ms. Williams pulled out a “lock-back folding knife”, pointed it at the two men, and uttered a line that has never before been documented in a police report, “Somebody is going to eat my p*ssy or I’m going to cut your f*cking throats!”

Clearly Mr. Williams and Mr. Watson had no plans complying with Ms. Williams’ requests…or dying, so they decided to call the local police.  The deputy arrived at the scene to find three highly intoxicated individuals, one naked from the waist down, and a knife sitting on the coffee table.

Ms. Williams was arrested on charges of domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon.  She was released on $3000 bail and is due in court in February of 2011.

The moral of the story is….well there really is no moral to this story, but it does reconfirm that you should never agree to perform oral sex on someone if they’re drunk, carrying a knife, and have terrible body odor.

By: Kenny - Posted on: 08/11/2010