By: Kenny - Posted on: 13/12/2010

Tim Ferriss Explains The 15-Minute Female Orgasm

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    There’s more to the 15-Minute Orgasm. Check it out:

  • Cinn Fields

    The 15 minute orgasm is what got me to buy The 4-Hour Body. I was not entirely unimpressed with the two chapters “The 15 Minute Female Orgasm”. There are a lot of useful illustrations and he lays out a fairly straightforward approach that he learned from a couple of his trainers – Nina Hartley and the folks at One Taste.

    As other reviewers have mentioned, most of the ideas in the book may be new to Tim, but not necessarily new, and what he does is to give you a brief summary of what he has learned and where he learned it. Some topics he seems to have researched and experimented with a great deal more than others, sex seems to be one of the areas he has researched less.

    It’s an introduction though, and his enthusiasm is wonderful. His writing is easy to read and entertaining. There is some good stuff here like: have a clear beginning and ending to a sensual cycle; and that you can’t make someone else come – you can facilitate it, but ultimately its them. Other things are not so clear like why it’s important to really get comfortable so you don’t get tired while you’re “doing” a woman – he seems to have settled on what even he finds to be an awkward “doing” position. He omits to mention that you should use lubricant.

    There is a lot of confusion about the “15 minute” part – the book describes 15 minutes to get to orgasm, and many reviewers are confused or disappointed by this. The sources he mentions (Steve & Vera Bodansky, Lafayette Morehouse, One Taste) do discuss extended duration orgasms (orgasms lasting 15 minutes or an hour or three hours or more). Around the SF bay area, where Tim lives, there are actual demonstrations of varying length and intensity of female orgasm.

    Seems clear he is just getting started in this area – the way he describes it makes it seem like its a procedure you “do to a woman.” Hard to know what he was taught vs. what he retained. What I’ve seen from the Lafayette Morehouse folks – who, as Tim says, invented this stuff – is that “doing” is a ride you both take together, she the wave, you the surfer, two bodies, one orgasm. (the same is true for both genders).

  • Transc3nd

    The host totally sounds like Professor Snape!

  • Tobacco

    “There is a lot of confusion about the “15 minute” part – the book
    describes 15 minutes to get to orgasm, and many reviewers are confused
    or disappointed by this.”

    And with good reason–”fifteen minute” is being used as an adjective modifying orgasm.  Therefore, Ferriss is misusing language, and maybe deliberately so.  The reviewer or reader should not be blamed for the confusion.  Ferriss should be blamed. 

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