By: Stephanie - Posted on: 08/12/2010

Top 5 Holiday Dates

The holiday season is always the happiest. Family, friends and loved ones come together and celebrate their appreciation for one another with gatherings and gifts. This season, it’s time to spice up your romantic relationships by going on holiday themed dates. Although there are plenty of things that you can potentially do, here are the top 5..

5) Downtown Ice Skating

Not all cities have this but for the ones that do, this is a holiday must!  It’s not only beautiful outside, but it’s also the best excuse to hold on tight to your sweetie. Go down to the Campus Martius Park in Detroit or Rockefeller Center in New York City, grab your skates, and hold hands with the one you love during this years’ holiday season.

Ice Skating Downtown

4) Christmas Tree Shopping

This is for those adventurous couples that aren’t afraid to get a little chilly in this bitter winter weather. Find the nearest location where you can bring home a real tree and take your significant other to pick one out with you. You can spend this Christmas looking at the tree that you and your special someone chose together!

Christmas Tree Shopping

3) Decorate Together

This holiday season is filled with a downpour of snow and cold weather. Seize the moment by turning on the fireplace and decorating your house to holiday perfection! Whichever holiday it may be, run down to Great Indoors and pick out some fun things to decorate with. You are bound to have fun getting in the holiday spirit with hot chocolate, a warm fire, and your spouse in tow.

Holiday Decorating

2) Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movie

Although this may seem a little unoriginal, it’s always a safe bet to cozy up on the couch and watch a movie. There’s something about the Christmas spirit that makes everyone want to watch something with Santa in it. Why not combine a movie, Christmas, and your that special someone…then call it a date!

Grinch Stole Christmas

1) See Your Favorite Lights

Everyone has that neighbor that goes all out with their Christmas lights every year (cough, Clark Griswold, couch). You should take one another to your respective streets and pick out which one you think looks the best! Not only are these lights breathtakingly beautiful, but also it will be something fun and different that you can say you did together.

Christmas Decorations

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