By: Bethany - Posted on: 29/12/2010

Wifey Material or Hook-Up Only?

There’s nothing worse than being uncertain as to where a relationship stands. Your mind is full of possibilities as to where you two are going, or if you’re going anywhere at all. With the growing popularity of casualness in relationships, it only leads to one thing: confusion. You also worry about the “labeling” aspect of relationships and just thinking about it gives you doubting all together. Take a breather and re-assess the situation. Oh, and read these pointers to see whether you’re in for the long haul or not!

Who Calls Who First?

Think back to the last time you hung out with them. Did you reach for the phone the very next morning, or did they get a hold of you? Although it sounds petty, a guy might not be too attached if he’s not jumping the gun to get a hold of you. If he can’t stop thinking about you and calls you right away, that’s one sign that he’s definitely into you for more than just hooking up. It also shows you that you’re not the only one that cares.

Do You Do Things in Public?

If he’s only calling you after midnight to come over and “watch a movie”, your best bet is that he just wants some ass. If on the other hand, he’s taking you to dinner, movies, meeting his friends for beers, etc. he wants to show you off, not keep you in the dark (no pun intended!). Test the midnight caller out, see if he wants to do something before the sun goes down, maybe suggest you go get dinner at your favorite local spot. If he’s not into it,  you shouldn’t be so into him. Don’t subject yourself to being a dirty little secret.

Does Your “Relationship” Feel Too Habitual?

So he calls you every Tuesday night at 10pm and you are at his beckoning call. If what you two have seems more systematic than romantic, he’s not a keeper.  Look for spontaneity in your activities, not the same old same old. And don’t be just a tool for him, let him know that you want something more. If he makes excuse after excuse, you need to look for something better…something you deserve.

There you have it ladies, keep these in mind and you’ll start getting guys who want to move forward, not just hook-up! You are NOT just a piece of ass, and you need to let men know that right up front. Be in charge of how things are going and you’ll figure out that it’s survival of the fittest out there.

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