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falling 4 sum1 over the net, possible???

hey guys.. do u think its possible to fall for sum1 with online dating (camming, facebook, txts, calls, mails) with out really meeting this person face to face?


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Ask Eve

Ask Eveover a year ago

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Yes, it's very possible to fall for some...

Yes, it's very possible to fall for someone over the net. Trouble is, people can be anyone they want to be when you talk to them online. They can fill your head with all sorts of nonesense saying they're a pilot, a model etc just to catch your eye. They can even send you pictures that is NOT them (saying they don't have a webcam at the minute.) The person starts to build up a persona of this person, falling for who they THINK that person is. That is why it is SO important for parents to monitor what their kids do on the net as there are so many dangerous people out there conditioning youngsters.

That being said, lots of people are more or less who they say they are but it's only when you actually meet with them face to face then you really see if the chemistry is there. They could have an irritating habit, be shorter than you thought, or their hygiene or dress sense could be iffy. Internet relationships can work but it's ALWAYS best to meet, (in a built up area with lots of other people) preferably within a reasonable period of chatting to see if they are all that you think.


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Simone de Boudoir

Simone de Boudoirover a year ago

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I totally think it's possible to connect...

I totally think it's possible to connect with someone online without having met them. For me though, eventually we'd have to meet.

This is how I met my current partner. We met online (Myspace of all places) and started chatting and immediately there was a spark. We spoke online all night long for about two weeks straight and then he took a bus to come and meet me.

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StillFiguringasdfaItOutover a year ago

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The problem with facebook, texts, and ma...

The problem with facebook, texts, and mails is that this style of communication cuts out 80% of the communication (the voice, the body language, the timing) which we naturally fill in with our own imagination, expectations, history, and any other assumption. And if people have too much time to think about what they write, they will filter out parts of themselves as well (because they can move into writing what they think they should write, versus being more themselves).

Sure the communication gets deep quickly, but we read a lot of it with our inner voice... so we build this image of the other person that is less about who they are (and more about who we are... of course we love them ;-) )

So while I think phone calls and camming does help improve communications, if you haven't met the person face to face you really don't know them (not on that intimate, chemistry, we really click, kind of way)

So no... you can't truly fall for someone over the net. (I will concede that people might be more open in their communications, so when you do meet them, you feel like you already know them and are more open to them... but...)

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2sweet4uover a year ago

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I think its possible to fall in love up ...

I think its possible to fall in love up to a certain point. You can get emotionally connected to someone (quickly) because the conversations usually get deep very quickly. There is only so much to talk about with a person that you never met in person so the conversation usually gets personal quick (in my experience).

I just believe that love can only get so far without being in physical contact with the person at some point. Of course long distance relationships and people who go to war still have immense love for their partners but at some point they were together before the separation. I think it's impossible to reach that level without ever being together in person.

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scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

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I dunno guys, I've done online dating, a...

I dunno guys, I've done online dating, and I see a BIG difference between becoming attracted to someone online, and even developing a crush, and falling in love. Falling in love is a big thing for me. I don't fall in love casually; if I say I love you, I mean it, all out, there's a part of me that wants to have you there forever. So, to me, to really fall in love with someone, you need to really KNOW them, in a way born of experience as well as communication. Communication is very important, but it's not everything. Online, all you know of a person is how they represent themselves, and the way a person sees him/herself is probably not exactly the same as how they actually are. I maintain that you should know someone in real life before getting to the emotional investment of 'love.'

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MC423over a year ago

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I think it's absolutely possible. Peopl...

I think it's absolutely possible. People feel more comfortable talking behind some type of "wall" rather that be a phone or computer. The conversations tend to get serious a lot quicker. There isn't as much of an ability to flirt because body language and contact is taken out of the equation.

I just think it would be weird to see a person for the first time. Think about it, you know so much about this person from communication but you've never even physically touched the person. Then you see each other in person....I would think that first time or two would be awkward.

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Albedoover a year ago

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I have done this too. It really isn't th...

I have done this too. It really isn't that different than in person, though as sexpert said your conversations do tend to develop more deeply and quickly over the interwebs, that is all you have after all.

Though sometimes things can be totally different in person. I met a woman who I had been having great online conversations with and things fell decidedly flat in person. I have also had polar opposite reactions when I have met other women I have been talking to, so you never know how things will translate.

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sexpertover a year ago

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I have done this. I fell hard and fast. ...

I have done this. I fell hard and fast. If anything, I fall for people harder over the internet than when I just meet them in person, because over the net, all your interactions are very intense communications. When you go on a date, you might just be watching a movie together, or having dinner, and you only need intermittent conversation, but over the net, with the guy that I fell for, we were hardcore, deep, and intense. I suppose this could happen in person, but it can definitely also happen online.

When I did finally meet him, and we had our first date, I ended up saying "I love you" to him. Oh dear, poor guy. We were together for a year, and by the end of it, I was ready to marry him.

I would still suggest to anyone who does long distance, or online dating that you meet the person before you get married. Making sure that you have sexual chemistry, and that someone acts the same in person as they do online is a must in my books.

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scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

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I suppose it's possible... after all, pe...

I suppose it's possible... after all, people fall in love with prison inmates who they talk to through letters. Hell, they fall in love with serial killers that they talk to through letters.

Doesn't make it a good idea though.

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