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Ive had a bad night last night with someone Im seeing which led me to a revelation. Its one thats probably been thought of over and over again. But I wanted to let my opinion out before it drives me insane.

Ive worked out how things work between two people as a matter of percentages. It was inspired by the movie "Hitch" during the scene where Will Smith is teaching Kevin James how to go in to the kiss.

The idea of the scene is for the guy to come in 90% and the girl answer back with 10%. As I personally dont agree with this method in every situation it does apply in some. Hence some people are 10%'ers. Everything can be identified by give and take. as its really the rule of the universe. Reactions and actions. In relationships some people give exactly what they want and get the same in return. 50%'ers and those that deviate slightly from there are the ones more likely to go for happier, open, and successful relationships. But theyd have to find another 50%'er to do this. I wouldnt say this applies to hookups, one night stands and drunken sex sessions. Those are slightly fulfilling excitingly dangerous experiences and give and take is usually over whelming since you want to get more from this person in a short amount of time.

Gauging this is fairly simple. As this opinion I dont mean any harm its just as I have experienced life. If you have standards for every one drop 2%. I myself am a 70%, I tend to give more than I expect and I am willing to over look alot. I get hurt often and allow my heart to be battered time and time again. I slept with a woman recently and upon second trial she had quite a few stipulations, not sexually, but simply "proper" ways of doing things and being. Most times self configuring is painful. Once you get passed standards like "two arms, two legs, ten fingers, ten toes" it gets serious, "dark sense of humor, publicly mushy and loving, somewhat sexually experienced" are the things you should really look at. Ive gone to the point if I find a woman that doesnt give more than 30% I dont bother calling again and I cease all the things that I had been running myself dry paying for,thinking of, going to or trying for. Doesnt matter the situation its healthier to understand that you might be giving too much and not getting what you want in return. Get weird with it if you want, it does help in the end as an exercise to help you understand what you want.

If you figure out the person you're dating or seeing or randomly sleeping with frequently isnt going the distance for you end it. End it your way. Who knows maybe she or he will feel the same and it can be mutual. Also, dont judge early. Give fair chance. If it means investing alittle into the person, do it.

Thats my 2 cents.

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