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Flirtatious friend

Since my boo and I have been dating, I've gotten pretty close with all of his friends, including his guy friends. One of his best friends and I have gotten close, and I've developed a pretty good friendship with his sister too so we all hang out a lot. And because he's one of the only single guys in our group of friends, the girlfriends (including myself) always joke around that he's our second boyfriend.

Lately I've noticed this particular friend has started acting a little different around me. He made a comment the other night about competing with my boyfriend for me when he was drunk. My boyfriend heard and kinda joked back with him but it still caught me off guard. Then on facebook he replied to a sassy comment I left on his status with a "<3" so I'm not really sure what I should be making of all of this.

Is he just being fliratious because he is the only single one? Should I tell him he needs to back off a little? Am I being too presumptuous?!


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Gabriel F

Gabriel Fover a year ago

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Having fun.

You are just having fun and he is getting a bad idea. :) lol. He is probably single for a reason. He seems to have some needy tendencies. A girls reputation is everything. His show evidence that he can't be trusted. It is going to be hard though because he is kind of in your social circle of friends and he will be there all the time. Don't shit were you eat. Don't dig yourself a hole and be really boring with him.

Let them know Gabriel F sent you. Love there advice and can't really take credit for all of it.

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PinkRosesover a year ago

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Just put an end to it now before it gets any farther

I think that those type of things are inappropriate. Even if he is just joking, it's disrespectful to his friend (your boyfriend) and to you. He should know the boundaries with his friends and their girlfriends.

I wouldn't go out of my way to say something but next time he does make some remark, say hey...that's not cool. Or, my boyfriend probably wouldn't like that. Or, I'd appreciate if you would stop saying things like that.

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Studley Do Right

Studley Do Rightover a year ago

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Does it make you uncomfortable? That should help answer this

Does this behavior make you uncomfortable? If not then just let it go unless it picks up to the point where it seems he's seriously trying to make a move.

Considering how you met him (through your boyfriend), I doubt there's any way this would work out even if you both were interested. So regardless if he's truly interested or if you kind dig's probably to just block it all out completely.

I personally wouldn't do anything about it just yet. Ignore it like you're oblivious. That way if it's him just being that flirtatious single guy, you don't show any response to it and it's all fun and games.

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