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The Ingredients to a Successful Relationship

What are the 5 most important "ingredients" to a successful relationship (in order of importance)?


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DateDailyover a year ago

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1- Loyalty 2- Trust 3- Common ground 4- ...

1- Loyalty
2- Trust
3- Common ground
4- Lust
5- Great communication

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AZangel99over a year ago

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Ok, Chef Dude, if I'm in a kitchen and w...

Ok, Chef Dude, if I'm in a kitchen and want to create something fabulous I wing it, and do it without a recipe but by instinct alone. MY instincts tell me that the 5 most important ingredients to serving up a great relationship are (and not in any particular order, because you throw them all into the mix)....

1. Laughter, a sense of humor that each of you relate to.
2. Great sex, or chemistry in the bedroom.
3. Compassion, honesty & trust
4. Activities that you both enjoy and look forward to planning
5. Communication

Of course there are the external influences that arrive with all relationships: friends that each bring to the table, parents, siblings, in-laws, cousins, etc. These can be relatively minor providing that you each hold each other's opinions above anyone else's.

Smiles for a great day!
Chef Jane

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StillFiguringasdfaItOutover a year ago

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Hmmm... this is tough to answer because ...

Hmmm... this is tough to answer because I think there are more than five that are essential, I guess I'll role them up a bit. Where I argue against myself is that some of these I suppose might not need to necessarily be present in order for a relationship to be "successful" in a long term sense, but I still think they are essential to having the highest quality relationship's possible.

1) Self knowledge.
I feel that getting to know one's self, what's important to themselves, how to meet ones own needs in life, that ability to be independent and happy, is an important part of a successful long term relationship... I think that puts you in a better position to select a partner that positively compliments you and avoid the ones that have a negative impact on your life.

2) Trust and Respect.
Does this need more explanation. It's surprising how condescending and inconsiderate people can be of the "people they love", and how they take advantage of trust.

3) Communication skills (listening, talking, fighting).
Knowing yourself goes a long way, but being able to listen to your partner (without your ego kicking in), and being able to constructively express your emotions to your partner, well that just helps a relationship greatly... (you both feel heard, understood, and closer to each other)

4) Common/Compatible goals and values (including compatible lifestyle).
Your a team! It's easy to find examples of deal breakers (wanting or not wanting children for example), but generally, the major things a couple want out of life should be common (kids, lifestyle) and compatible enough (hobbies) that there is a shared energy pursuing those goals, that there isn't competition of ones persons goals against another. This doesn't mean two people have to be the same, and that compromise and negotiation isn't necessary at times, but if one person is giving up a significant part of themselves for the other, well that's tragic.

5) Chemistry, and the on-going maintenance of it :-)
Hey... you can know yourself, trust and respect your partner, be able to communicate really well, and be a team working towards the same goals... but let's face it, the relationship started because you had Chemistry. You thought they were hot, interesting, and wanted nothing but to get to know them... Well you need to put regular attention into maintaining that interest in your partner, and peaking their interest in you, and reminding them that you think they are hot stuff and love them dearly. This isn't a friendship or a business partnership... it's an intimate relationship and that needs to be nutured!

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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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Ideally, there are four: Compliance, Im...

Ideally, there are four:

Compliance, Importance outside the relationship, neediness and power.

Compliance is the measure of how each person complies to the other

Importance (value) outside the relationship has to do with each person's social value outside of their relationship. If a woman is very beautiful and her man is fat, unmotivated, lousy job, no social skills, etc., then her value is much higher than his, simply because she is very attractive.

Neediness is a measure of each person's emotional dependency on the other.

Power is the measure of each person's dominance in the relationship.


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