The Ex


Ex started seeing someone a week after we broke up?!?

right down to the nitty gritty.....

was in a amazing 2 year relationship with what i thought was the woman of my dreams funny,sexy and not afraid to speak her mind my complete package.the last few months of our relationship were rocky to say the least( arugements over lying not really feeling a connection with each other anymore) but we tried and at least i thought we had fixed everything untill one night while out at dinner and a comedians show i noticed she was texting someone i thought nothing of it untill the next day i saw her texting someone again and i caught it saying missing you. i trusted her but waited till we were back in hers and she left her phone i rumaged through hers texts and found she had been texting her boss (who is 30) that she couldnt wait to see him in work and was thinking about leaving me (she is 21)

she came back up the stairs as i was getting me clothes on(as i was in shorts) and she said where are you going and i just said i saw what you and your boss were saying to each other and walked out her house. i wasnt out the door 2 minutes and shes phoning me crying saying she was sorry.we sorted stuff out again and she was relucetlant to give things another go but i ended up convincing her (not forcing her) to give things another go as we both loved each other and she agreed she loved me like no other.

we spent the next weekend with each other and everything seemed fine we had sex spent time at mine and everything seemed fine.her mothers 50th party was the next weekend and she asked will i tell my boss not to come and i thought being the biggrer man i would say yeah tell him to come. the night of the party everything was fine i admit i had had a few drinks and i confronted her boss about him texting her and his explaination was "so" was we ended up in a scuffle (which we started) as he swung a punch at me first. my girlfriend split up with me saying she had feel out of love him me and didnt feel the same and deleted me off facebook twitter and changed her number as she got a upgrade on her phone and then a week later shes seeing her boss and they are now in a relationship(she lied to me about them being together untill december and said they were just friends while saying i thought about us getting back together and about us still being friends).

ive not spoke to her since december i still have some sort of feelings for her but ive been on dates etc and im not putting my life on hold i know she has moved on but is there anyway of winning her back?her mum and dad always talk to me everytime i see them and are always so friendly and nice towards me and say that they were as surpirsed as i was when she started a relationship with this guy?


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sarah111over a year ago

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amanda22over a year ago

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cara1over a year ago

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Confused28over a year ago

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Well in my opinion 21 is a bit young to be in a long terrm relationship . id say that all along she Didnt really want to get back together and then as soon as she saw u confront her boss she knew it was going to be too hard to keep both things going at once. i don't think in the endd things will workout with her boss because that is stupid number one dating someone u work with. and it usually doesn't workout when u leave someone for someone else. Relationships break down over time and sadly it seems like things weren't very good in this one. Don't blame yourself you did all you could to make it work. she was going to do what she was going to do. it seems harsh she cut u off like that..but trust me shell regret it. move on. maybe take a break from dating a bit..or date different types of people. she. wasn't worth it..and what's meant to be is usually meant to be.

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