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how important is a naturl erection

i'm wonding how important it is to a woman for a man to be able to have a naturally occuring erection. ie not having to use drugs or devices. would you not be with a guy if he had to use one of one of these to have sex?


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Brenda88over a year ago

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so far my boyfriend has no problem in the, "erection" department., In fact he seems to have these a lot while we're together, lol., But, if he or any guy I was seeing had issues like this of course I would be understanding., We're all human :)

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sexpertover a year ago

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I don't mind the idea of a guy using a d...

I don't mind the idea of a guy using a device or a drug to get an erection. I mean, if my guy had issues, even just because of regular old stress, I wouldn't mind him using a strap on or a vibrator to get me off. I think it's important that my partner give me orgasms, but I don't mind if he gives it to me with his hands, tongue, toys, or a good ol' penis. It would be nice if he could get off too, because I do like the idea of mutual pleasure.

I would want to be super supportive of my guy no matter what. I know that most men feel that an inability to get wood is demasculating, and is very hard mentally. I wouldn't want to do anything to make him feel less than a man, because I think the measure of a man is what he does, not what he does it with.

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Black Iris

Black Irisover a year ago

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If a girl doesn't know why you are using...

If a girl doesn't know why you are using drugs, she might feel insecure about her own attractiveness.

I think any girl worth being involved with would understand and be sympathetic about whatever medication or device you had to use. It might be more awkward to explain the first time or with girls you don't know very well.

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ilikethisover a year ago

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Maybe this is just me being kind've igno...

Maybe this is just me being kind've ignorant, but I never really thought that a guy that I've been with wasn't having a naturally occurring erection. I don't think too many girls are all that concerned with how you got the erection, just that you got one in the first place and that you have some control over it....(keeping it up, not finishing prematurely). I would say that most girls A) won't notice and B) won't really care. If it's with a girl you care about (and vice versa) than hopefully she'll be understanding of the problem and it won't be an issue.

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Studley Do Right

Studley Do Rightover a year ago

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This is an interesting question. As a y...

This is an interesting question. As a young man myself, I've never had a problem getting an erection other than a couple "whiskey dicks" where I drank way too much. For older man who have ED (erectile dysfunction) then I feel like many women would be understanding to the situation especially now that their are pills like Viagra that give men the opportunity to still enjoy a sex life. Still an interesting question for women to see how they feel about dating or having sex with a man who must rely on these pills.

Your question however seems to be different. It seems like your question is more directed towards men who can get erections but the only way they can do it is with toys or something. I'm a little confused. If you can't get erection around girls or without using certain toys, but your a young man who has no problem like ED, than i think this is not a physical problem but it is stemming from more of a mental thing.

Please respond with some more details so hopefully someone or myself can provide you with some better answers

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