How do obese people have sex?

Dear obese people,
People who are not obese appear to believe that their are differences between the positions in which you have sex, and the positions in which they have sex.
Would you be so kind as to share your thoughts on this idea?
Thank you,
Jane Fader


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terrible id

terrible idover a year ago

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Ask anyone about positions and they have a different opinion. Im a big guy. Ive been as far as 350lbs and as low as 245 within my sexual time on this planet and my way hasnt changed even with the weight change. Stamina and all that do just based on how much you move in general but there is no one way to do something. Just depends on what feels right.

The only way I could tell you for sure is go have sex with a fat guy and see how different it is from all your skinny/fit/gorilla juice head guys in your past. Even that might not get you the full answer but its a start.

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