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Do girls like a guy who is upfront from the get go?

Do you think it's better to be upfront when first meeting a girl. In a jokingly way say, hey I'm not looking for a girlfriend or hey, just so you know, I'm kind of a sarcastic guy...??


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terrible id

terrible idover a year ago

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Upfront doesnt mean upfront

When you first meet her no. Give it a bit. She might be looking to "slam bam thank you sir" that night. Sometimes saying this the first time you meet might cross a boundary, she might not even be thinking long term and it might turn her off. Feel it out. If she starts talking future respond immediately no matter the outcome. Some women are programmed to wait til you're going to agree to anything to get something they just want. Its specific to the girl I think.

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Strongfpover a year ago

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Pickup lines rarely work.

They work in a friend setting, for example if you go to a party and someone introduces you to a girl for maybe the first time and then you don't see them for a bit afterwards, but you kinda give off a friendly vibe and are out going in the intoduction, than yes a cheesey pickup line will work later on at the party to just break the ice a little for some small talk which can lead to you getting to know her alot better.

It's not that you are 'up front' it's you are just being confident, and girls love that, they love a guy who can be comfortable about them, I mean who doesn't? It's not just girls who feel like that, I know when I meet someone I am most comfortable with them if they are willing to joke around and just carry on a conversation. Humor is key, and when you make up pick up lines it's humor.

in my experience telling a girl "I don't want a girlfriend or anything" means you have thought about it and it kinda makes you a little creepy, or that you have put to much thought before hand into it.
Personally I don't go out with that mindset anymore, if I do than I just become WAY to nice and it clouds my judgement even if I am just out there meeting new people to be my friends.

During my whole highschool life I had this mindset that girls will come to me, and that every girl I interacted with HAD To be my girlfriend or nothing else. I slowly learned you just need to go with it, so being upfront with a girl and telling her "I'm not looking for a girlfriend" kinda makes you look like a jerk. Why not just have a normal conversation with her?

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gazelleover a year ago

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the answer is yes...

well u can say all these two combined and it will have a good effect but i prefer this instead:
"hey I'm not looking for a girlfriend right now but i seem to be finding it with the right woman."

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