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I started dating a guy about 2 months ago. casually I guess. things broke off about 2 weeks ago with us. I thought that he liked me but he kept seeming to just hurt me over and over and in the end told me he wouldn't commit to me. It was always a different excuse but I think his ex really hurt him. He proposed we were friends afterward but it just didn't happen. I told him he didn't deserve it. A lot of the fighting was done over text. Some in person. He was a loser and lived at home at 32 had no career still in school. I don'lt know I told him to go away forever, but somehow I thought hed still regret it or somehow still try to talk to me. He wont answer it whenever I text him, just nothing, no contact. Im thinking maybe hes met someone else, or just totally lost interest in me.


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yssubramanyamover a year ago

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take it easy

never take risk till you are sure of others mind.

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