why is he being such a dick to me?

so recently yes i made the mistake of getting together with a guy at work. he was kinda charming and stuff like that.older, and i thought he was nice. so that happened. he didnt talk to me after for some reason...i dont know i think hes a player and thats just what he does. anyhow my friend threatened him..and he did not respond well. then my friend told our whole workplace. i am no longer friends with this guy. so...i apologized to the guy for all of the drama that happened...i also said i didnt tell everyone and that it wasnt my fault. recenty...i hadnt talked to him in like two months, he blames me and wont accept it. he said no more contact please. so.... i dont get it because at work he sees me all the time..and looks at me...longingly like he is interested or something. but when i ask for help with anything or have to talk to him..he is extremely hostile to me. he even tries to catch me in mistakes and make my life miserable. i try to be respectfull and nice to him at work.. what the hell? what is with his behavior? why the hostility and why the constant looking at me and then saying no more contact please?? after hed been talking to me for two days. its like he cant accept that this isnt my fault


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