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Should I take my piercing out?

I have had a belly piercing since I was 18 years old. Whenever anyone asked me how long I was going to keep my ring in, I would reply: "Until I get pregnant or turn 30. Whichever comes first." Well, guess what? I am turning 30 first. After much debate, I am stuck. I have no idea if my hole will close once I take it out. So, I know that once I make the choice, there is (potentially) no going back. From the perspective of a girl at age 18, the age of 30 was considered old. My perspective now is torn and I do not know if I am considered too old to still keep it in. I know that I have nothing to lose either way. But it inappropriate to still have a belly ring after the age of 30? Do guys find them still attractive either way at any age? I need some feedback.


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LauraMichelleover a year ago

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If you still like it, rock it!

You know, I have all these guy friends who have all these rules for what the girls they date must or cannot have (one guy has a "no tattoo" rule, another has a "no bad feet" rule, another has a "she must be at least a '9' " rule), and you know what? Screw them! If you like your piercing and the way it looks on you, keep it. Who cares what anybody else says or thinks. If some guy thinks your belly piercing is age-inappropriate or whatever and makes that his reason for not dating you (or continuing to date you) then he's not really that into you and you would need to forget about him anyway. And if he is that into you and hates the piercing -- he'll get over it.

In fact, I dated that "no tattoo" guy and guess what? I have one. And guess what else? He realized he really didn't care about his rule so much when he saw me naked. ;)

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StillFiguringasdfaItOutover a year ago

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Being yourself is attractive

If you like the piercing, and it suits your personality, style, and lifestyle, then go with it, regardless if you are 30 or over - a woman who knows herself and works it with confidence can be both sexy and respectable!

I dated a woman in her mid-thirties with tattoos and piercings, and an incredible sense of style (although eclectic) in dress (and a bit of a belly for what it's worth)... and she was beautiful, well liked, and professional, nothing inappropriate about it at all.

I don't really agree with the suggestion that there are only certain 'types' of men who are attracted piercings, that certainly isn't my experience. Regardless, you are better off deciding if it still feels like you and you still like it, to attract men who love you for who you are.

[I do however agree that the style of piercing and dress should suit who you are now, myself I'm not attracted to people who are trying too hard to look younger than they are... but that's subjective, and personal]

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sexpertover a year ago

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Body piercings usually close up fast

As someone who has had lots of different body piercings, your ears don't tend to close up fast, but everything else does. Even after 12 years it should close up (although you will probably see two dimples for scars).

Body piercings are very individual. If you really like having your belly button pierced, than keep it. If it is just a legacy of your teenage years, then ditch it.

I've taken out piercings to try to please partners and I hated it. I would get changed and look at myself in the mirror and hate not seeing the piercing there. It sounds weird, but I didn't really like it. As soon as that person was gone,the piercing was back in.

As far as whether it is juvenile or not, I think part of it depends on the style and design. Something small and discrete probably doesn't look very out of place on a 30 year old. Although an actual loop, or a string of dangling sparkly jewels might.

Still, if the piercing reflects your personality, then I don't personally see a problem with it. Anyone who likes your personality would probably accept the piercing if it makes sense with who you are.

Of course, I'm 23, so I still love piercings. Maybe someone who is older will correct me and say as soon as you hit 30 something goes off in your head that makes you hate any piercings that aren't in your ears.

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MC423over a year ago

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Not too old but not that attractive

I don't think women who are 30 are too old to have a belly button piercing but I also wonder why you would want one? To me they aren't attractive and especially if you don't have a nice stomach. I'm not saying only skinny girls should wear them but if you don't have a really nice stomach, why would you draw more attention to that area? I feel like the whole point of a belly button piercing...or any piercing, should be to draw attention to a certain area.

I also want to throw this out there...although I don't think you're too old, I'm sure there's plenty of men who do. You have to ask yourself, what type of guy do you want to attract and what type of men will find this attractive?

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